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 Before they catch us

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Before they catch us Empty
PostSubject: Before they catch us   Before they catch us EmptySun Oct 07, 2018 10:13 am

OK, I'll have to write this fast before they catch me too, like they caught Loggerhead. And Flubber, whose real name is Kevin. My husband.

This is what we know for sure.

Stupefying Yarns
These were comics from the Golden Age that gave us heroes and adventures and amazing worlds like the future(?) Earth of Laminar. Thousands remembered them - from my grand-dad to Neil Gaiman and Dave Gibbons. But you couldn't find them anywhere. Someone was buying them. Burning them. Hiding them.

The Yarnies
We were the people trying to find the old comics, back when we thought this was just about comics. We came to New York Comic Con hoping to find fellow fans. We even got the Wasserstein Grail - a school crafts project from the 1950s which just happened to contain the first real pages of a Stupefying Yarns comic to surface this century. We found it and we got the scans out.

But why were they missing at all?  We had no idea, until we met Rory Enright.

Rory Enright
He's an optical engineer at the Seattle office of a company that makes Mixed Reality goggles. He was supposed to fix a glitch in one of their prototypes - only it wasn't a glitch. He built a machine called the PHILTR that let him "tune in" these ghost images; then he realized he was seeing *a different world*.

What's weirder was, he had seen this world before, in drawings by his brother Brian, who wanted to be a comic artist before he disappeared a couple of years ago.

Brian Enright’s art showed the same worlds as the ones in Stupefying Yarns - the Sci Fi world of Laminar, and a fantasy world called Old Gnarly.

Rory freaked out and put up a site called BrianDiffracted to try and find his brother. That's how we found him.

But we weren't the only people watching.

The Tourist and Charity Kong
A "tourist" showed up in Seattle, apparently to spy on Rory. He wore funny pants and didn't know what a cell phone was and said he came from Yugoslavia, even though that hasn't been a country since 1992.

When he paid a woman in pieces of gold foil to use her broke-down telex machine, her niece Charity got suspicious. She started a YouTube channel to record her investigation here and you should watch it because me telling it isn't the same and also you'll find Charity is a phenomenal young woman.

This Weekend
Rory arrived, and hooked up his PHILTR machine to some mixed reality goggles, and showed us that the Yarns were never just comics: I don't know how this can be but Laminar is real. Bob took a picture through the goggles and I put it on the front page. You've seen it for yourself.

But the people who are trying to erase the Yarns - Rory says they're called "Kingsrood" - were on to us. They got my husband Kevin first. You'll know him as Flubber on the boards. Then they found Bob (LOGGERHEAD). Rory had to go on the run. We're all in hiding now.

If you want to know what it was like to try to figure this stuff out, read the New Members section of the forum. They were the ones who put it together.

I still don't know why we aren't supposed read these comics or tell people that Laminar is real.

But if you read this, you know what happened.
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Posts : 20
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Before they catch us Empty
PostSubject: Re: Before they catch us   Before they catch us EmptyWed Oct 10, 2018 12:09 pm

OYML asked on another thread whether it’s safe here. It's not. There is too much we don’t know.

Who are the people with bowler hats - Kingsrood? - and why do they want to erase Stupefying Yarns from history? So badly they’ll use violence. How far back do they go? Isaac Newton? Earlier?

How can it be that Stupefying Yarns showed us another world, a real one? Is Laminar the only one?

What happened in Seattle with Charity Kong? Did we truly have a visitor from Laminar? What do they want?

This started as a comics board. I feel like we were swimmers who went for a little dip and got swept out to sea. Now we can’t even tell how deep the water is.

I’m locking the forums until further notice. No more posting. I’ll leave them visible so anyone who comes here can see what happened.

Conor, Bob, Rory...all of us are going to be in hiding but this isn’t the end, not even close. When the time comes we’ll be back. I hope you will be too.
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Before they catch us
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